Voting ended at: Aug. 3, 2021, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.64 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Vaints ^ -^)b

25 Th0m4sK great

25 sl0ck nice ctf for all levels

20 MorphTail good ctf, nice range of challenges

25 erikkabir h

25 3w9u0l1.l2lvi_yialexlee good ctf

25 s-3ntinel great challenges, could have used more languages in web

25 Mhack Good one, see you next year

3 Mhack Good one, see you next year

25 therokdaba Very fun CTF

25 00xc Lots of challenges for all skill levels

25 Shunt Flask ctf...

25 bever209 good

25 ParallaxKnight Good CTF

25 babaisflag Great ctf, even for a beginner like me

25 psycholog1st Nice ctf

23 zeosutt some challenges were guessy a little, but most were good

25 fm4dd I loved the verilog challenges! Nice special area which is not often tested

23 hexp nice ctf with some really creative and fun challenges, duration was too long and some parts too guessy for my taste

22 JaGoTu + many challenges, majority of which were fun and great - no dynamic scoring, about 5 or so of the 55 challenges were too guessy

25 alf sheeesh

25 ethnetsky Great CTF!!!

25 r3dact0r great!

24 cha1ned Nevermind, ctf was great!

25 express Good ctf

25 th13ntc nice ctf

25 H-mmer Some downtime on the challenges but otherwise very well handled CTF, Challenges were amazing

25 umutoztunc The event duration was too long, but the challenges were really enjoyable except for OSINT ones.

25 wongyos Good CTF

25 Rookie441

25 tensor Decent CTF

24 nongdajun too many

25 reteps pog

25 aliamir27 Had lots of fun with these challenges

25 leedskanin good ctf but worst OSINT challenge ever

25 FeDEX

11 cha1ned _/(-_-)\_

25 Sup3r_B3ttl3_G4m3r

25 Noxy_proxy great event

25 SaJiV Awesome competition! I enjoyed how organized, helpful, and fun the environment was. Thanks for doing this!

25 OutlanderForge suuper good challs and fun staff.

25 NullStomper Many interesting challenges

24 Break13 Good mix of challenges, also good for beginners

25 Hamad Great one

25 downeg Fun CTF challenges

25 p4nt0m4th good

24 0xDoge A bit long, but still a great ctf. Cool challenges

25 _k0imet hard....

25 Rythm I enjoyed problem I did. Nice ctf.

25 Scie very good

25 maple3142 Nice ctf, many interesting challenges

25 icssword nice ctf

25 zecookiez A lot of engaging challenges, most of which are well-made and didn't need guessing

25 Mr.R00T Interesting challenges

20 BZHugs System Hardening 5 was unusual and very interesting and the other challenges were quite good overall and well balanced in terms of difficult

25 OreoMonster good ctf

25 r3nbou Web tasks should probably be made diverse for the next ctf, but overall pretty enjoyable

25 4nimanegra Really nice CTF.

25 Shadowwws nice

25 AZ-0 Nice crypto and pwn :D

25 keltecc osint was hard

25 Awesome challenges! Many different topics